Introduction to My Blog

Introduction to My Blog

This will be a preface, an introduction to my blog which will consist of  a series of essays which will eventually and ultimately find their way into print.  I’ve chosen to title this collection ‘Occasional Essays’ because in their conception and execution they will arise from things encountered in real time. In most of my work I exhibit an obsessional need for symmetry. I must always pair, balance, systematize. I recur again and again to the numbers two, three, and four and through them to their products. I don’t know how many of these essays I will write, and not to cast these works into an overall structure, an architectonic is very strange for me. It’s also very liberating. I don’t know how many essays there will be, and although I have a list of subjects, a rather long list, more will come from things I hear and read.

I haven’t written anything read by another human being since I left university, and that was some time ago. Since then I’ve done a great deal of reading and thinking, and at this stage I feel an almost irresistible impulse to inflict my ideas on the world. All the sciences and arts can be divided into those of which I know a little and those of which I know nothing. I flatter myself that I’m a fair judge of prose but I know nothing of poetry. While I do love Milton, I can appreciate Paradise Lost and Samson Agonistes only as if they’re prose written in blank verse and much of their beauty is beyond me.

I sense the world more with the ear than the eye and the visual arts don’t communicate to me as they do to many. My commentary will tend toward praising works that are exceptional, and exhorting others to experience them, rather than aspersing those works that fall short. This is only fair to those that created them, given my confessed shortcomings as a critic.  I should warn the reader in advance that every review, breakdown, and analysis will contain spoilers.  If I forget to issue the proper warning at the beginning of the post, I’m sorry but this should serve as a general caution.

For these reasons i’ll mostly concern myself with books, history, and anything that might interest fellow geeks.  if you have any topic that you think merits a blog, feel free to suggest it in the comments.

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